Is it true the upcoming Transformers 4 movie is Rise of Galvatron?

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You can imagine how happy your beloved kids if they have Transformers Galvatron Toys which its movie is expected will be screened next year.

They have been able to play it even before the movie begins like the Transformers Cybertron Leader Galvatron toy, of course this will make them proud moreover the toy gift is received on their Birthday or perhaps on Valentine’s Day.

About Galvatron

Transformers Galvatron and Megatron Is it true the upcoming Transformers 4 movie is Rise of Galvatron?

Transformers Galvatron and Megatron

On the internet, in recent months there were many speculations and rumors about there will be a new movie, Transformers 4. The title and when it will be played is also not known for sure, some said Rise of Dinobots, several others said Rise of Galvatron and will be played in 2013, obviously, there is no definitive answer but it was widely heard that the reliable director Michael Bay was not interested on the Dinobots.

Regardless of whether or not the rumors which spreads so far, what we want to know is what exactly Galvatron is? Why did it become a major issue? What was interesting about that title? Let’s see.

Galvatron is told in several versions, such as Transformers movies (animated film), animated television series and toyline, often regarded as the Decepticon leader, recreated or the cloning of Megatron, but in another animated series version, Beast Wars II, there is a new character who claims as the original Galvatron, the leader of Predacon (replacing the Decepticons) and their enemies is the Maximals (to replace the Autobots), in toys version as a city commander.

If it’s true the upcoming movie is Rise of Galvatron, most likely many new characters will appear in the Transformers 4 movie such as Ultra Magnus (Deputy Supreme Commander of the Autobots), Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime (former Autobots leader), Primus (Unicron’s twin brother who sided with the Autobots), Dinobots (can turn into dinosaurs) and others which have never existed in the previous movie (played by human) or replace the Decepticons and Autobots who dies in the earlier movies.

Some Galvatron actions in the Transformers movie animated version, as when he would destroy a super giant robot who dominate and control him, Unicron (also known by the name of the Planet Eater, Lord of Chaos, the Chaos Bringer and can turn into a size of a planet) but canceled, he also interfere the Shockwave’s leadership who was a Decepticons leader.

His action in animated series such as when Megatron ordered by Unicron to destroy the Matrix of Leadership (a sign of reins of leadership of the Autobots in the form of an oval-shaped container with a glowing crystal), in return he will be given a new body and new troops. Then he reformatted as Galvatron and led the Decepticons. His flagship weapon is particle accelerator cannon on his right arm that can spew electrochemical energy and particle beams, he can also transform into a futuristic laser-cannon emplacement or to the form of laser gun.

Does the Transformers 4 Rise of Galvatron really going to be made? If yes, Megatron will be back.

Transformers Galvatron Toys Is it true the upcoming Transformers 4 movie is Rise of Galvatron?

Transformers Galvatron Toys

About Transformers Galvatron Toys

In the toys version, he was a city commander who determined to lead the Decepticons and against his allies. Galvatron’s alternate modes are Laser Cannon, Pistol and Merkava Tank. His main enemy is still the Autobots in addition the Unicron which has been destroyed.

Wide various of Galvatron toys, made with full creation and design as the original in various version since 1986 like the anime version, Titanium 3 inch, Universe Deluxe, United Decepticon Set Deluxe Clear, Beast Wars Second, Robots in Disguise Ultra Galvatron, Timeless Voyager Megatron with Rumbler and Divebomb, Transformers Cybertron Leader Galvatron and many more. Most equipped with the electronic lights and sounds with battery power. The kids would love the Transformers toys that can be formed into alternate modes as the original such as turn into a tank, a laser pistol or a laser cannon emplacement. They will to be very creative.

With toys such as Transformers Cybertron Leader Galvatron which is equipped with electronic sounds and lights, your kid’s instinct will work very fast respond the flashes of lights and sounds that emerge from the toys plus the kid’s creation to transform the robot into a jet or a vehicle and back. It’s really interesting to see them play it and you won’t be worried about their safety because it’s safe to be played. One thing to note is that this toy is just for children at age 3 – 8 years.

Transformers Galvatron Toys is one of the best Transformers Toys series. If this is the MUST HAVE gift, be sure to order now to avoid disappointment. Get The Best DealTransformers Cyber Leader Galvatron Toys and >>>SAVE YOUR MONEY<<<

Buy Transformers Galvatron Toys Is it true the upcoming Transformers 4 movie is Rise of Galvatron?

Transformers Galvatron Toys

Other toys list:

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Transformer Megatron G1 Is it true the upcoming Transformers 4 movie is Rise of Galvatron?

Transformer Megatron G1


This Decepticons leader toy is an exclusive toy, suitable for collection. Created and designed by a fine job, can turn into a Walther P38 chrome hand gun mode and silencer (for gun mode), a sword and small plastic pellets. This Autobots enemy is a powerful opponent for Optimus Prime and his friends. It’s recommended to be played by kids aged 8 years and up.

Recommended age: 8 years and up

Transformers Combiner Dinobots Is it true the upcoming Transformers 4 movie is Rise of Galvatron?

Transformers Combiner Dinobots

Transformers Combiner Dinobots

A robot in the form Dinobot already has tremendous power, you can imagine if 5 Dinobots combined, how powerful they are, obviously enormous power. Five Dinobots package is designed to depict an extraordinary power to fight the enemies. Comes with the 5 figures of Grimstone (1st power core combiner), Pachycephalosaurus Drone (Dinotron), Parasaurolophus Drone, Ankylosaurus Drone and Spinosaurus Drone (Dimetrodon), transform into unbeatable Power up mode.

Recommended age: 5 years and up

TransFormers Energon Robots in Disguise Galvatron Is it true the upcoming Transformers 4 movie is Rise of Galvatron?

TransFormers Energon Robots in Disguise Galvatron

Transformers Energon GALVATRON Powerlinx Cybertronian JET Figure

It’s a repaint of the transformers Energon Megatron with 12 bending and rotating joints with wings on its back looks so cool. The kids will experience an exciting adventure in the battle.

Recommended age: 5 years and up

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  1. Coolguy82345 says:

    Megatron will not be back in the 3rd movie optimus sliced his head of with his sword then he stood on top of him to show victory megatron is a complete fool of him self and galvatron will not be any better he will also be a fool actuality autobots will always win we all know that so what’s the point in watching it

    1. Supersnow says:

      Transformers is awesome but I agree why even watch it and megaton will certainly not be back maybe galvatron but he’s not megatron

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